Making the Perfect Match of Your Talent Needs with Top Talent

SUNSHINE is a leader in providing full-service staffing solutions. We are committed to delivering top talent to our clients quickly and cost-effectively. With 25 years of experience, we offer workforce solutions across various industries including financial services, public sector, energy & utility, media & telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceutical & biotech, hi-tech, manufacturing, and retail.

We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations with our local and global recruiting capabilities and trusted processes. Through our efficient and proven screening process, we deliver top talent to our clients quickly, further emphasizing our motto which is “building our future on your success.”

Contract Staffing

SUNSHINE brings you innovative contract staffing solutions that are advanced and agile. We are equipped to meet the rapidly fluctuating talent needs of today’s corporate environment. Whether your requirement is for short-term projects, seasonal hiring, or workforce management programs, we provide it all. We take pride in providing highly qualified and experienced resources for contract staffing.

Our active bench and pool of pre-qualified candidates across geographies, allows us to address your urgent needs within 4-24 hours. Our complete recruiting process is automated from the requisition to on-boarding of staff for a contract position.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Companies want confidence in adding talented staff to their organization. The risk and cost of bad hires are the two major factors that make organizations turn to SUNSHINE for contract-to-hire staffing. SUNSHINE contract-to-hire staffing service offers reassurance and flexibility in recruitment to suit any special circumstances. With an extraordinary candidate database, cost-effective rates and fast response times, SUNSHINE is capable of handling your immediate and long-term resource needs on any contract-to-hire scenario.

With our contract-to-hire solution, you get immediate productivity while assessing the long term fit of each candidate with no risk. To add value, we will assign a dedicated talent acquisition team that understands your special requirements. SUNSHINE will take the guesswork out of your hiring!

Permanent Staffing

When you need to and acquire full-time staff, you need a partner who will make an outstanding first impression on today’s candidates and has access to passive candidates. SUNSHINE leverages its more than 2 decades of experience to help you find the right candidates who have the skill, potential, and attitude to match your direct hire requirements. Our “round the clock” talent acquisition team follows a unique recruitment process, offering end-to-end recruiting services. These include offering passive candidate attraction, pro-active sourcing, candidate engagement, pre-screening, interviewing, technical screening, background & reference checks, and salary & compensation advisement.

Our teams work closely with you to understand the organization and role expectations to ensure we are able to represent and position your organization effectively to the prospective candidates. With our proven process, we are able to offer competitive pricing and guaranteed quality.

Project Staffing

SUNSHINE provides full project team staffing services. We will hire a complete team for you within a set time frame and cost structure. The service includes a complete end to end project hiring from sourcing to on-boarding for different roles and experience levels. Our team gives clients an edge by applying proven hiring project methodologies that save time and cost. We will deploy a single point of contact (SPOC) to manage the complete recruiting and on-boarding process of the team.

SUNSHINE can deploy a dedicated offsite or onsite team or a mix of both based on budget and needs of the project. Our extensive experience in providing staffing services allows us to excel in team hiring in all professional skill sets and some of the benefits derived from this model are –

  1. Flexibility
  2. Cost Savings
  3. Expanded resource pool
  4. Timely delivery of resources
  5. Employee Care
  6. Attrition management
  7. Onsite support
  8. Management oversight
  9. Technical support and Mentorship