A true partnership is a two-way street — ideas and information flow openly and regularly, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise — and our clients embrace this philosophy.

The best and most productive relationships are synergistic and goal-oriented, and a long-term relationship has the value add of deep-rooted industry and company knowledge and relationships.

Our client list speaks for itself. Since our earliest days, we’ve represented everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with that same partnership approach and dedication at the core of every engagement. Every day, since 1996, we’ve been devoting our hearts and minds to our clients, achieving great successes and building lasting relationships.


Here is a sample of our current and past clients:

Our Clients

Our clients are the life-source of our business. We believe that integrity in client dealings is an undisputable prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship. We operate a highly effective and efficient organization, focused on meeting client objectives. We provide our clients with the highest quality technology solutions, designed to help them solve critical pain points in their compliance, entity data and onboarding operations. We operate policies of continual improvement for our products, processes and people in an effort to deliver exceptional solutions, services and client experience that exceed client expectations. To do this, we strive for a balance between flexibility in the way we operate and a tight control to consistently meet client needs. We have in place clear and strong lines of communication, which allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to client and market requirements, ensuring our clients receive a consistent service across geographies and technology areas. Through our sales, product and delivery teams, we aim to ensure that we can successfully and consistently deliver what we promise.


Our Business Partners and Suppliers

At Fenergo, we respect our business partners such as suppliers and other industry players that make up our business eco-system, and develop long-term relationships with them to achieve mutual growth based on mutual trust. Fenergo selects vendors (suppliers or partners) on the basis of price, quality and performance. We maintain fair and free competition in accordance with the letter and spirit of the country’s competition laws and are open to all and any candidates regardless of nationality or size, evaluating them based on their overall strengths. We recognize the value of all communication and feedback that we receive from our stakeholders, and where possible, we are committed to maintaining open dialogue and in responding to feedback and to communicating our strategies, targets and performance to our stakeholders. We encourage all partners, suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt responsible business policies and practices for mutual benefit. Our contracts, where required, clearly set out the agreed terms and conditions that form the basis of the business relationship. We shall uphold the values of honesty, partnership and fairness in our relationships with stakeholders.



Our employees are our greatest assets. That’s why Fenergo is committed to achieving the highest standards in the workplace. Here’s how we do it!

Our Employees

Fenergo offers all our employees clear and fair terms of employment and provide resources to enable their continual development.

We provide safeguards to ensure that all employees are treated with respect and are able to function effectively in a working environment that promotes tolerance and is free of physical, mental or sexual harassment or discrimination.

We operate an equal opportunities policy for all present and potential future employees and continually monitor this to ensure that no employee is discriminated or harassed on the grounds of their disability, sex, marital or civil partnership status, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religious or similar philosophical belief, sexual orientation, age or any other class.

As part of our commitment to further the knowledge, skills and expertise of our employees, Fenergo operates a Knowledge Management and Training Program, whose remit is to ensure the sharing of information, knowledge, processes and skills across the organization. This not only benefits our employees but has a direct positive impact on our clients by our ability to serve them better and more efficiently with more sophisticated solutions and more effective delivery processes.

Health & Safety

Fenergo operates a robust Health & Safety policy, which is approved by the Board and owned by the Chief Financial Officer. We strive to provide and maintain a clean, safe and healthy working environment for all stakeholders, including all members of the public with whom we have contact. Through on-going training, we ensure that our staff are mentally and physically equipped to deliver this commitment to themselves, their colleagues and any other person affected by our work. Regional health and safety committees ensure continued compliance under the policy.