Are You Ready for What’s Possible?

At the Sunshine Techno System Innovation Center, we’re consultants and engineers – through code and data we create digital solutions that make the world a better place for the customers and employees of our clients. Our people are focused on creativity, ingenuity, empathy and insight to generate real-world, user-centric value. They’re experts at breaking down problems into chunks and getting ideas off the drawing board and into use – fast.

The art of what is possible with digital solutions is constantly changing – and we are all perpetually challenged to dream bigger, reimagining the business value that can be created by applying the latest technologies. Our Innovation Center turns these dreams into real digital solutions. It focuses expertise from across Sunshine Techno System world-wide, and across Digital CX/EX, AI, Intelligent Automation, Integration/APIs, Data Governance, Hybrid Cloud, Testing, Security and DevOps – combining and focusing these capabilities on specific solution use cases.

The Sunshine Techno System Innovation Center accelerates the innovation cycle: ideating solutions, forming a hypothesis of business value, and bringing together the skills and technology to prototype that value, continually evaluating and refining to arrive at the best solution. That’s the art of the possible.

Let’s Get Started

We’re ready to listen to your story and help you start your innovation journey. One way to begin is through our workshop approach – three paths that can link together based on your needs.

The Innovation Workshops

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. Together, we’ll quickly identify, consider, and prioritize a broad range of ideas. We’ll mold these into a solution that will be designed and delivered with confidence.

The Strategy Workshops

Achieving maximum potential requires a balance of quick action with considered strategy. We’ll thoroughly examine your organization’s goals, aspirations, capabilities, context, and priorities. The result? A perfectly aligned roadmap.

The Design Thinking Workshops

Ultimately, the success of a solution depends on its user’s experience – the utility it displays, and often the elegance of its performance. This workshop is all about designing to improve the user’s experience.