The Contract’s provisions are undersigned by both Client and Contractor, and are as follows:

  1. Relationship

Contractor and Client agree that the “work for hire” relationship is the only defined relationship between the two, and that Client does not consider Contractor to be an employee. As such, Client is not required to provide benefits, including insurance, paid vacation, or sick leave, to Contractor.

  1. Length of Contract

This Contract begins on the date listed above, and continues for a period of {length of contract, including specific end date}. Should both parties agree, Contract may be amended to extend its duration, provided that both Client and Contractor sign and date the amendment.

  1. Deadlines

Contractor agrees to provide Client with {description of work} on {date(s) Contractor is expected to turn in whatever work is covered by this contract}. Should Work be incomplete at time of deadline(s), Client will {description of Client’s actions with regard to late work}.

  1. Payment

Client agrees to pay Contractor {amount of money} {weekly, monthly, at end of contract, etc.}. Any extension amendment, as outlined in Section 2, shall require a new payment agreement.

  1. Insurance

As outlined in Section 1 (“Relationship”), Contractor is not an employee of Client. Contractor is therefore responsible for any insurance required by applicable state and/or federal laws, such disability and/or automobile insurance. Contractor further agrees to waive {his/her} right to hold Client responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of Work during the duration of this contract.

  1. Confidentiality

Contractor understands that entering into this Contract with Client means that Contractor will possibly come into contact and/or learn about privileged information pertaining to Client. Contractor agrees not to divulge any of this confidential information to any third party without the expressed written consent of Client. Failure to keep such information private could result in legal action on the part of Client, and/or revocation of the terms of this Contract.

  1. Ownership and Copyright

Contractor agrees that any Work {he/she} creates for the Client during the length of this Contract shall belong entirely to the Client. This includes any copyrights that pertain to the Work, since the work will be “made for hire” as defined by the United States Copyright Act.

  1. Termination

The Contract will be terminated on the date specified in Section 2, unless an amendment is created to extend the duration of the Contract. Client may terminate this Contract {conditions under which Client may terminate the contract, if any}. Similarly, Contractor may terminate this Contract {conditions under which Client may terminate the contract, if any}.

  1. Jurisdiction

This Contract is subject to and enforced under any applicable federal laws and regulations, and falls under the jurisdiction of the county of {county name}, in the state of {state name}.