How can I automatically approve orders? How can I use existing signature regulations for the electronic review and approval process of orders?

In the interactive webinar, our experts Mr. Andreas Diesterhöft will guide you through typical examples of order processing in SAP (such as outgoing purchase orders) and show you how to use existing signature regulations to review and approve incoming invoices for outgoing purchase orders.

Watch this Webinar to find out:

  • how to establish an efficient release procedure for order processing in SAP with the same software components as in the billing process,
  • how to define a release procedure according to specific criteria,
  • how you can apply these regulations to further purchase documents such as inquiries, contracts, delivery schedules, service capture sheets, etc.
  • how you can map the approval process of an order via an electronic release workflow in SAP.

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11:00AM – 1:00 PM
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